Q How soon do I need to book my celebrant?

A It is advisable to book as soon as you have booked your venue. There is a lot of work that we need to do together to prepare a personal, heartfelt and professional ceremony that is just right for you.

Q What do I need to bring to our first meeting?

A You will need to bring with you some photo ID, for example your passport or driver's licence. If you are using your driver's licence only you will also need an original of your birth certificate. If you have been married before you will need to bring evidence of how the last marriage ended. It will be a divorce order or a death certificate, whichever is applicable to you.

Q Why do I need to bring these documents?

A If you choose me as your celebrant I will need to sight these documents to prove who you are and where and when you were born and if you were married before that your marriage is legally dissolved. This information is used to fill out The Notice of Intended Marriage.

Q How long before our wedding does the Notice of Intended Marriage need to be filled out?

A The Notice of Intended Marriage can be filled out up to 18 months before your wedding but not less than 1 month before the date of your wedding ceremony.

Q Do you register our marriage?

A Yes, I will do all the legal requirements in relation to paperwork and registering your marriage with the Department of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Q Do I receive my marriage certificate on our wedding day?

A Yes, you will receive your Presentation Marriage Certificate near the end of your ceremony.

Q Can I change my name with the marriage certificate I receive on my wedding day?

A No. This certificate is a beautifully presented Australian Government marriage certificate but you cannot change your name using this one. I can obtain the Marriage Certificate you will need to change your name from the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages on your behalf.